About Magbooks©

MagBooks© is an editor, a creator of Applications which we integrate in the Apple Store.
These Applications, which we create, allow the on-line publication of a photograph or works of art of any kind, which can then be downloaded using iTunes, which can then be opened and viewed on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.



The iTunes / Apple Apps MagBooks©, for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch allow the worldwide diffusion of any artwork, its sale and its promotion, this in a very professional and profitable opportunity for the author. This channel of distribution makes it possible for the purchasing reader to view the artists work before purchasing it in bookstore or in any other store, if it is already published.
They open also the world of Art to hundreds of thousands of people who do not have the possibility to go to a bookstore or design store and allow people to discover an artist which they might not have ever discovered otherwise.

Our company is based in Germany, directed by the renowned photographer Andreas Magdanz.
The Internet site is currently available in German.
This Site, here, is available in French, Spanish, Italian and English and will soon be available in Chinese and Japanese; we are working on other language versions as well.

If you have an iPhone and/or iPad and wish to see one of the applications in operation, the following application can be downloaded for free:
See CANON AWARD in iTunes (free Version for iPhone/iPad). You can download it on your iPhone or iPad by using this link.

MagBooks© MagBooks is a registered trademark under copyright by Andreas Magdanz.